Friday, July 17, 2009

peein' your sexy pants

pretty uneventful, but this was my "clothing swap" outfit. that is, the outfit I wore to my friend Cass' clothing swap.

vest*, cut off from a dress, thrifting
grey v-neck*, my far my favorite t-shirt of all time, perfect for lazy days, hungover days, party days, and clothing swap days (not sure what other days there are)
jeans, a gift from carly (no waste!), i think they are one of those neato brands like seven for humanity or citizens for humanity or something along those lines. but they have cute zippers above the pockets (that you may not be able to see)
shoes*, st. vinnies in green bay

oh and my little dog is humping my big dog as I write this. cute!

[*items would make my favorite clothes of all time list...I'd grab them in a fire. As long as Chris and Tara grab the dogs and cat, of course]

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Momar said...

i feel that i am the only person to have ever seen the whole dress prior to its re-birth as a vest. just sayin'.