Thursday, July 30, 2009

daily FASHION!

with cats and beds. sexy, non?

top, virtually free, from a thrift store in hayward (where Laurie and I went into a "dark place")
shorts, fox valley thrift store
shoes, from my loving roommate (and force photographer), Tara
cat, Yoko (this blog's namesake!!!!!!!!), golden valley humane society

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TRES CHIC! TRES CHIC! Guest Blogger: Neko/Nico/Miss Phat Booty

let's turn this club into a bedroom!
here is my favorite outfit for the day, my home-distressed (tres punk) american apparel top! perfect for wearing when attending happy hour with my lady, ms. eleanor. except when she steals my treats, then WATCH OUT! but trust me, this is how to get the ladies


Neko Prince Hilgenberg Rose

Thursday, July 23, 2009

shit show/storm

i love love love madison, especially in the summer. spent three days enjoying it before my bro roadtrips it to portland for law school. the first pic is at the mercury lounge, the rest are at the plaza, and outside a church. it's wack.

joe, alex and allysa (????spelling??? she had a twisted ankle and still went out. party) are seen here as well.

high class hooker wear: sweatshirt ala cass' clothing swap '09
tank via american apparel
jeans tj maxx
necklace from molly (check it: made by Molly Spilane
shoes, the most kick ass find ever at nordstrom rack

Monday, July 20, 2009

it's an art crawl, betch

sunday was my first ever time showing my artwork in public (sans within school walls)and to me, that is a super success. Lisa Yednorowicz, of Old Cake paintings and I, H.O.T. Mess, sold our wares at the second ever Uptown Market, all while looking super sexy. Our booth was so colorful and pretty, I think it deserves to be on a fashion blog.

Notice how Jake and Lisa match (red and white striped tops)? that isn't an accident...Jake dressed her.

I sure could have used a hat, but what you see is what you get.
Tank from a three-way clothing swap with Tara and XT
neon orange sports bra from salvation army DT
shoes from some store in NYC
necklaces, well you know, from where ever
glasses, you've seen 'em
and skirt, totally sweet deal from urban outfitters MOA mega sale

Jake is wearing Two Towers as a hat, very resourceful

Carly and Laura were but two of the awesome people who stopped by. They are sporting their tres cute maxi dresses

if you want to check out our goods that are for sale, why don't you ask? Lisa doesn't have anything up there right now, but she should be soon...
H.O.T. Mess
Old Cake Paintings

Saturday, July 18, 2009

claiming the blog!

apparently, if you do this at technorati, it makes things all official and shit:


Friday, July 17, 2009

free stuff! clothing swap! free stuff!

don't waste!


here are the goods I got from Cass' clothing swap. A bunch came from my roommate, but it is more fun to swap with a bunch of people than just two! so many more options!

I am a full supporter of clothing can clean out your closet and someone else's trash becomes someone else's treasure. it's a win win!

we also got a bunch of knives.

peein' your sexy pants

pretty uneventful, but this was my "clothing swap" outfit. that is, the outfit I wore to my friend Cass' clothing swap.

vest*, cut off from a dress, thrifting
grey v-neck*, my far my favorite t-shirt of all time, perfect for lazy days, hungover days, party days, and clothing swap days (not sure what other days there are)
jeans, a gift from carly (no waste!), i think they are one of those neato brands like seven for humanity or citizens for humanity or something along those lines. but they have cute zippers above the pockets (that you may not be able to see)
shoes*, st. vinnies in green bay

oh and my little dog is humping my big dog as I write this. cute!

[*items would make my favorite clothes of all time list...I'd grab them in a fire. As long as Chris and Tara grab the dogs and cat, of course]

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Fellowship of the Ring

First a little background, ala Hobbit-style...what you will soon encounter will be a three part story of a hero (me) saving the bruce (bruce springsteen), from evil (the G.O.P., crocs, or carrot top's face and freakishly built body, you take your pick) in the woods of Spooner, WI. Our tale is much like that of the beloved Lord of the Rings, complete with a Gandalf stick, a visit from Viggo Mortensen (by the way, who in my house recently used my computer to google "viggo mortensen girlfriend"?), magic and overall sexiness.

Here you will see our hero wearing her "Hang Loose" hat from a florida thrift store (purchased while drinking mojitos and wearing nothing but shoes and a shiny blue body suit), jean vest from Unique in some weird suburb in the northwest portion of the twin cities, A MOTHER F-ING TRUE BLUE BORN IN THE USA TOUR SHIRT from Salvation Army in St. Paul, glasses from Arc value village in richfield, forest green (tee hee, forest) leggings from American Apparel and boots from this sort of like TJ maxx store that carries fancy brands by the Trader Joes in St. Louis Park).

All events shown were recorded by Laurie. Give this girl a hand for not only her stellar picture taking abilities but her insight into "telling a story" through photo shoot magic.

In the first part of our story, we first see the hero being merry in her natural habitat. Just hangin'. She's pretty no nonsense, and you can't really tell her what to do. As we see, she discovers the secret of bruce being taken and then, under strict direction, is told "keep it secret, keep it safe," before taking off on the journey that will test her wits, her will to live and her love for bruce.

Two Towers

Here our hero continues her quest to save the bruce, but is sidetracked on the way by the battle for Helm's Deep. She wins, of course, because she has the Gandalf stick and maybe because Viggo Mortensen came and hung out for a few days.

Return of the King

here we see the final battle for the bruce and while the ending is still ambiguous in this tale, suffice it to say that bruce was saved from the darkest evils in the world, mostly due to the gandalf stick and the kick ass outfit our hero is wearing

down on your luck, it's a cindy! down on your luck it's a cindy farm!

check out these HOT summer looks straight from the farm!

Tara is shown here modeling a zip up hoodie (hot), a pretty, possibly american apparel t-shirt/dress thing (double hot), some shortish grey sweat things (triple hot), sexy blue socks (fourth (?) hot), and Mary's mom's crocs (OFF THE CHARTS HOT) [see my facebook membership to: I Dont care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A Dumbass , and I still don't believe that you can eat them. even the wedge style, i just don't buy it) the bonfire pic, she is seen sporting an almost equally as sexy cat blanket (perfect for those cool nights down on the cindy farm)

Mary d. is shown in her poncho (a surprisingly urban look for the cindy farm) and some freakishly long stretch pants from Oak in New York.

Monday, July 13, 2009

vulgar swimsuit, aka clit up to the chin (so says j)

this is what you end up with when you are thrifting in hayward, wi, and so far all you have done is listen to led zeppelin, see a big fish through some fencing and had a shitty traditional "swedish" lunch of egg and cheddar cheese omelet (well, there was lingonberry jam), and are supposed to leave in about two seconds to go pick up a five year old at a zoo that is closing, and you find out that all clothes, shoes and books you can fit in a bag are $2 (FOR THE WHOLE THING!!!!). meaning, you go to a "dark place," as laurie said. this is one of the deals i returned with. the vulgar swim suit.

now, mind you, it was about 55 degrees the entire time we were in spooner, wi, hence, trying on the suit OVER my camping clothes (which are, by no stretch of the imagination, sexy). and when i decided to brave the swimsuit on its own, dear god, i had to keep my undergarments on because who the hell knows what kind of butt diseases they have in northern wisconsin. still, my aim was to prove how un-vulgar the swimsuit was (let me know if you think I hit the mark).

notice jenna, the five year old we were a half hour late picking up, in the background of these pics making what can only be described as a very clear "W.T.F." face