Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Fellowship of the Ring

First a little background, ala Hobbit-style...what you will soon encounter will be a three part story of a hero (me) saving the bruce (bruce springsteen), from evil (the G.O.P., crocs, or carrot top's face and freakishly built body, you take your pick) in the woods of Spooner, WI. Our tale is much like that of the beloved Lord of the Rings, complete with a Gandalf stick, a visit from Viggo Mortensen (by the way, who in my house recently used my computer to google "viggo mortensen girlfriend"?), magic and overall sexiness.

Here you will see our hero wearing her "Hang Loose" hat from a florida thrift store (purchased while drinking mojitos and wearing nothing but shoes and a shiny blue body suit), jean vest from Unique in some weird suburb in the northwest portion of the twin cities, A MOTHER F-ING TRUE BLUE BORN IN THE USA TOUR SHIRT from Salvation Army in St. Paul, glasses from Arc value village in richfield, forest green (tee hee, forest) leggings from American Apparel and boots from this sort of like TJ maxx store that carries fancy brands by the Trader Joes in St. Louis Park).

All events shown were recorded by Laurie. Give this girl a hand for not only her stellar picture taking abilities but her insight into "telling a story" through photo shoot magic.

In the first part of our story, we first see the hero being merry in her natural habitat. Just hangin'. She's pretty no nonsense, and you can't really tell her what to do. As we see, she discovers the secret of bruce being taken and then, under strict direction, is told "keep it secret, keep it safe," before taking off on the journey that will test her wits, her will to live and her love for bruce.

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