Sunday, June 14, 2009

party party party (cont.)

as the night moved on....

shirt with shiny thing from a clothing swap at cass' house
belt from mom
green shorts from thrift store in florida

hers name is magnum p.i.

we had a party/bbq at our house yesterday.
it was magnum p.i.-themed. my cat is puking in my bedroom as i write this because she got too into the spirit. also, thanks for brother chad for actually dressing up for the occasion (he is posing is several of the pics with me), as well as providing the party light.

dress from fox valley thrift in gbc
shoes from shawano thrift store
glasses from arc value village
bracelets from ma
earrings from grandma vera
flower from cover up bandaids
bad makeup from all over the place
convertible courtesy of laura

Friday, June 12, 2009

label whore

i know the cut-off top is pretty 2003, but you can't just throw gucci in the trash

top from grandma vera
shorts from thrift store in florida
shoes from thrift store, methinks in shawano...also have them in teal. high-ya!

what is the point of the internet?

jumper fox valley thrift store in green bay

little black shoes salvation army in mpls

shoes, ohmygod, shoes

birthday shoes via target (real leather, sorry cows)
bottom pic shoes outfit paired with said shoes, a find from the target salvation army basement


guest spot by the one and only, full-time gemini birthday girl mary!

wearing the fashionable pantsuit she purchased at the age of 17-going-on-50 to attend a musical staring Alan Thicke

(sidenote: I know Kathy would approve)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the apps of the fashion world

five of my favorite accessories:

2 birthday necklaces (beaded gift from Mary <3, from savers "grab bag"; whale gift from Molly, made by Molly Spilane (

earring Deb by PLUME (website to come)

2 hats ("hang loose" hat from thrift store in florida (we have a beer cozy with the same message on it at my grandparent's cottage), black hat from Every Day People in St. Paul with hat pin from thrift store (?Unique?)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

oldie but a goodie

a perfect outfit for shopping:

blue jumpsuit from salvation army in columbia heights

white glasses from tjmaxx

the view is all florida

a switch in focus....

being in grad school has given me an outlet to explore those anger issues i have with mainstream media. and it is summer. and i was in a really bad mood and bored on a rainy, way-too-cold june evening. so i decided to pound some franzia and do what fucking rocks! and that is watch some knocked up and make a fashion blog.

thanks tara, for the camera, and chris, for the artistic awesomeness and patience

ps dogs are from the coon rapids humane society and the mall in blaine

Monday, June 8, 2009

another diddy to wear to the beach

glasses from tj maxx (very euro/german)

swimsuit from saint vinnies in gbc (yet another amazing find)

it is swim season...

suit total kickass find from st. vinnies in gbc
glasses, arc

it makes you want to karate and cook pt. 2


it make you want to karate and cook

yet another sweet sweet find from every day people in st. paul: body suit

white belt from mom