Monday, June 18, 2007

mondays and blogs and google

holy shit (can i say that on here?). i mean holy *beep*. today is monday, in case you are having one of those days where you wake up and think "oh what a lovely thursday, if it was ten years ago, i could watch a new episode of friends." and then are watching your regis and kelly and realize that it is not thursday, oh no, it is monday.

of course, if you have a 9-5 mon-fri, it becomes glaringly obvious when it is monday. and if it doesn't than you probably won't be at the job much longer (no offense, i'm just saying...)
but for us 9-5ers, today begins a new, joyous week, where possibilities are endless and you feel young, chipper and alive. perhaps this will be the week that you stop drinking every night of the week (!), or maybe it will be the week that you make a new friend, or knit a scarf. Maybe, just maybe, you will get to swim in dr. mark's pool. so, in that case, happy happy monday.

and if anything, just be gd joyous that we get to use "google" and "blog" as a verb and maybe someday, we will live like the jetsons.