Saturday, October 10, 2009

welcome winter, you sexy old thing, you!

last night Sheila, Nick and I biked home in a snow storm. A SNOW STORM. It is October 10th. I am not ready for this. But you better believe that what I am ready for is some haute winter fashions. With winter comes layering. And with layering comes layers and layers of sexy, sweated-through clothes. And also with winter comes red noses and frozen hands and toes. Can't you see how much I hart(nett) winter?! Can't you tell from my expression? Or my two chins (gotta bulk up if you have any hope in hell to survive). Get ready for some real fashions, coming soon, as soon as Chris gets home and I can get him to hold the camera.

But for now...we have sexy me, with my sexy biking get-up, making a sexy dog, eleanor, being equally sexy, my sexy bike, and our lawn furniture the morning after, looking sheepish (and cold).