Monday, July 20, 2009

it's an art crawl, betch

sunday was my first ever time showing my artwork in public (sans within school walls)and to me, that is a super success. Lisa Yednorowicz, of Old Cake paintings and I, H.O.T. Mess, sold our wares at the second ever Uptown Market, all while looking super sexy. Our booth was so colorful and pretty, I think it deserves to be on a fashion blog.

Notice how Jake and Lisa match (red and white striped tops)? that isn't an accident...Jake dressed her.

I sure could have used a hat, but what you see is what you get.
Tank from a three-way clothing swap with Tara and XT
neon orange sports bra from salvation army DT
shoes from some store in NYC
necklaces, well you know, from where ever
glasses, you've seen 'em
and skirt, totally sweet deal from urban outfitters MOA mega sale

Jake is wearing Two Towers as a hat, very resourceful

Carly and Laura were but two of the awesome people who stopped by. They are sporting their tres cute maxi dresses

if you want to check out our goods that are for sale, why don't you ask? Lisa doesn't have anything up there right now, but she should be soon...
H.O.T. Mess
Old Cake Paintings

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