Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You have got to be kidding me...

I guess old farts forgetting that the rest of the world exists are not only in the US. This article is from Australia. G'day mate.

Check it:

Concerns school will begin 'development by stealth'

Elizabeth Street resident Bruce Parsons is concerned a proposed Montessori School in Burradoo will begin a process of "development by stealth".

Mr Parson has written to Wingecarribee Shire councillors pointing out that under the State Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, council must consider the social, environmental and economic impact of developments.

"I cannot believe that council has considered the application in relation to the existing activities in the neighbourhood," he said.

Eridge Park playing fields, which adjoin the site and other properties, are in constant use at weekends for football or cricket and netball and on many afternoons for training, without any complaints from the adjoining residents.

"If this application is approved, the neighbourhood of mostly retired couples who are home a majority of the time, would be subject to noise, traffic, dust and parking problems seven days a week.

"When will we get time off for peace and quiet which we currently enjoy?"

Council will consider the application for the Montessori School at Wednesday’s meeting.

Many Burradoo residents are opposing the conversion of a residence into a school for up to 35 students, claiming the noise of children and additional traffic will disturb the neighbourhood and affect property prices.

Full story: SHN, Monday, October 22

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