Thursday, October 4, 2007

Taking a crap on the media

Okay. So along with anxiety about only adding, oh approximately .025% of my music collection to my computer's "library," not having a facebook account, and feeling like a loser when no one responds to my comments on myspace, I can add "stress/ambivalence" about the age old (well new age old, which I suppose makes it age young) conundrum: to blog or not to blog.

Seeing as I set up this nifty little blog with its nifty little name and my nifty little profile, I should probably give in and start posting my thoughts and musings about the world in the self-centered/serving way that only blogging can really do.

My return to Yokoinmomjeans has more to do with giving into the self-absorbed world of the world wide web; it actually does have to do something with ridiculous claims of self-absorption, among a few other things, including the death of my guilty pleasures....

So I don't know who the fuck actually reads blogs (personally I am a fan of the "picture-type" websites: they are easy to get a lot of info in a moments notice, during a split second break from staring at the computer things), but I tend to get angry a lot. Angry about the powers to be, angry about politics, angry about traffic, and, most of all, angry about the media.

This anger, coupled with the annoying voice in the back of my head that I really should get off my ass (well, more accurately, on it) and start working on the glorious future publication Half & Half, is provoking me to turn yokoinmomjeans to what I should have done every time I have been pissed about some article, show, news clip or publication: blog about it.

So from here on out, just like the people who love aborted babies, I will use my blog to discuss matters of the heart: culture and media.



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