Monday, May 16, 2011

RetroRama proves to be totally worth the parking hassle

Yesterday I picked up my good, and willing, friend Lisa Luck, to accompany me to the annual RetroRama vintage fashion event. I have to admit I was a bit nervous. Getting dressed for such an event is quite nerve racking, especially when you are dealing with the lines of what is appropriate (decidedly vintage) and what is actually you (for me, not 50's cocktail looks). After much deliberation, I decided upon an extremely vintage frock my grandmother had found in the basement of a house she put up for auction (so vintage, in fact, that it ripped several times through out the course of the evening and had to be held together with my slip straps) and a "modern" headband from the lovely ladies of Witt & Lore.

Other than picking Lisa up about thirty minutes late, we arrived in style after sitting in traffic for a good twenty minutes, trying to park. After adjusting the car about five times, with the parking attendant and five RetroRama go-ers watching, we were set to go!

The evening turned out to be quite fabulous, from multiple run-ins with people we (especially Lisa) know, to many an enjoyable conversation with people enjoying the generous libations. All in all, I think it was a fabulous first entry into the RetroRama world. To see my full report, check it out here.

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