Monday, May 30, 2011

It's My Birthday, Crank it Up!

To properly commemorate the radio station of my childhood, WIXX*, I have blessed my very special birthday post with a reference to said station. Beyond my undying love for all that is the 101.1 fm frequency in Green Bay, here are the fashion highlights of my birthday, as inspired by my work at Everyday People.

Vintage Floral Suitcase

First off, there is a lifestyle/crafty/fashion blog that I love to hate that got me in the mood for vintage luggage. I am also blaming my inkling for said travelware on my friend Lisa Luck, who suggested that I write about it for my post on Retro Rama. The day after my birthday, I just had to buy the amazing vintage suitcase that had been taunting me for MONTHS at work. I can't wait to bring this on my future summer vacay to New York, even if it only holds about half the amount of clothing I want to bring.** It reminds me of something I would find in my Grandmother Pat's basement, which makes me love it even more.

I have also been in LOVE with scarves wrapped as headbands, as inspired by my co-worker Lindsay's stylings on our most recent windows at work.

Finally, the other day at work, I saw a really cute customer wearing an equally cute sundress—not a major surprise during this time of year. Where she gained mega points, however, was for her bright neon-ish red stocking socks with her slip-ons. I have been a major fan of little stocking socks with shoes for sometime now, but her color explosion burst the whole thing into another realm of happiness.

(like this, but more modern)

I just love, love seeing people who make me want to dress weird. It is a total birthday (and work day!) delight!

*to show your full support for the station's best dj of my childhood, please become a fan of Americans for Steve Louizos, which I may or may not have started.
**Gotta impress those New Yorkers.

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