Friday, October 21, 2011

Behind on the times...but here are some posts!

The past couple months have flown by and it is hard to believe that my stint writing at the Ironing Board Collective is coming to an end next week! I must be getting old, at the rate time is going.

Here is what I've been getting up to on the IBC the past few weeks:

Week #3: Bully Blondes: Kate Hudson and the Rom Com (as influenced by my viewing of Something Borrowed)

Week #4: The American Way: Growing up and getting "malled" by consumerism (all about the M.O.A., Claire's, Auntie Anne's and Hot Topic. Not to be missed).

Week #5: Viva Sookie Stackhouse! Anti-style icon (everyone's favorite smutty vampire romance/mystery novel heroine/ tv show character)

Week #6: Shoes Oh My God Shoes: the case for comfort (a.k.a. heels are bullshit)

Week #7 (after you write "week" that many times, it starts to look weird): Sew What? Handmade for everyone! (influence by my recent trip to the North Shore, I am going to start sewing all of my clothing by hand)

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