Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mighty Swell is...well, Mighty Swell!

Photo of Meghan McAndrews and Rae Danneman by Dajana Bartulović

Here is my post on the Dressing Room blog about last weekend's Mighty Swell sale. Meghan and Rae are super sweet ladies that didn't get discouraged by the stress that really comes with opening an Etsy shop focusing on vintage. They are also huge supporters of C.L.A.P. (Creative Ladies are Powerful), the zine which I founded and edit (and, as an extra plug, if anyone wants to contribute to the fall issue, email me at creativeladiesarepowerful@gmail.com!). Alright, now I need to go ready some more about Mormon mom blogs/read the insane comments on the salon.com article about said articles/want to get violent about the anger against women being anti-religion/"children"/domesticity (since you know, the Women's Movement happened, things are totally fine)/ponder how in this wholly anti-intelligent, independent female world one can even freely express their opinions without being deemed as some sort of harlot or "bitch" or "over-educated snob"/go to bed, because tomorrow (well today) is another day.

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